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Yoga and Pilate's DVDs for the Beginning Student and Baby Boomers

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Yoga and Pilates DVDs for the Beginner or Baby Boomer

We believe that Yoga and Pilates can help heal the body and calm the mind.
Are you are wondering if Yoga is right for you? Take a moment to answer these questions below:

  • How is your quality of life? Will you be able to pursue an active lifestyle as you age?
  • Do you have freedom from health concerns to enjoy leisure time for travel and family activities?
  • Do you have chronic physical limitation, especially one that will not respond to traditional medicines or surgery?
  • Do you have overuse injuries, which are exacerbated by limited flexibility and strength?
  • Have you had unnecessary accidents, which result from falls caused by lack of balance and strength?
  • Are you dealing with Stress? You can reduce your stress with Yoga.

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What is Yoga or Pilates for Beginners?

Our Yoga and Pilates DVDs are traditional classes that focus on fitness and flexibility for beginning students and older adults.

After practicing with our DVDs, you will experience more mobility in the body and reduction of stress. We have created specialized Yoga and Pilates classes to gain flexibility, strength and stress reduction. Our wide variety and unique selection of classes will focuse on Yoga alignment, variations, benefits and precautions.

Meeting the needs of the Yoga student.

Meeting the needs of the adult students: - Middle age adults that stay active with our Yoga and Pilate's classes have a higher chance of remaining more independent and able-bodied into their later years. Yoga is quickly becoming a popular means for the older adults to stay fit. Our Yoga classes will give you the freedom from health concerns and physical problems so that you can enjoy the leisure time for travel and family activities.

Increase Level of Fitness and Flexibility: - Each practice is designed to meet the Beginners needs. Older adults have more injuries and soreness to content with and Yoga or Pilates can reduce or eliminate these issues. Will help prevent overuse injuries which are exacerbated by limited flexibility and strength.

Easy on the Body: - Yoga is very low impact and focuses on breathing and relaxation methods. This is perfect for Boomers of all sizes and age. Yoga practice can help you prevent unnecessary accidents, which result from falls caused by lack of balance and strength.

Reduces Stress: - All the Yoga and Pilates classes are effective in relieving stress, calming nerves and promoting heart healthy by lowering blood pressure.

Modifications - "Go at your own pace": - Our Yoga and Pilates Classes encourage the participants to listen to their bodies and to modify each pose or exercise to their specific needs


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Vicki Forman E-RYT500
Certified Yoga & Pilates Teacher 



Beginning Yoga for Stretch and Strength-Class One

Build a strong and healthy body with our simple Yoga stretch and strength practice.

Pilates with a Small Ball

Practice these simple Pilate's exercises to help build a strong core. Filmed in beautiful Portland, Oregon

Yoga for Weight Loss - Beginning Poses

A simple but effective Yoga practice to help the body burn calories and to help the mind create a healthy body image.

Yoga for Stretch and Strength-Class Two

An amazing series of Yoga classes that will help you tone your body, create balance and flexibility.  Each Yoga class has a small period of meditation and breathing exercises.

Santa Maria Yoga Studio and Pilates Classes
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