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Are you are wondering if Yoga is right for you?
Take a moment to answer these questions below:

  • Do you have health concerns that keep you from enjoying leisure time for travel and family activities?
  • Do you have overuse injuries, which are exacerbated by limited flexibility and strength?
  • Have you had unnecessary accidents, which result from falls caused by lack of balance and strength?
  • Are you dealing with Stress? You can reduce your stress with Yoga.
If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions?  Read more below….

Our Yoga and Pilates videos are the right fit for you!

  • Our Yoga and Pilates videos are traditional classes that focus on fitness and flexibility for beginning students and older adults.
  • After practicing with our videos, you will experience more mobility in the body and reduction of stress.
  • We have specialized Yoga and Pilates videos so you can gradually increase flexibility, strength & reduce stress.
    • In our Yoga Stretch & Strength library – we have Yoga 4 Stretch & Strength – Class One, Class Two, Class Three, etc.
    • In our Yoga for Weight Loss Library – we have Yoga 4 Weight Loss – Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, so you can gradually lose weight and gain strength.
  • Our wide variety and unique selection of videos will teach you Yoga alignment, posture variations, benefits and precautions.


How does Yoga & Pilates videos meet my needs?

  • Meeting the needs of the beginning Yoga and adult student:
    Middle age adults that stay active with Yoga and Pilates have a higher chance of remaining more independent and able-bodied into their later years. Yoga videos are a popular means for the older adults to stay fit. Our Yoga and Pilates videos will give you the freedom from health concerns and physical problems so that you can enjoy the leisure time for travel and family activities. Check out wide variety of Beginning Yoga Videos for the Beginning Student and Older Adult.
  • Increase your Level of Fitness and Flexibility:
    Each Yoga video is designed for a beginning student or older adult setting with a slower pace. Many older adults have more injuries and soreness to content with and our Yoga or Pilates videos can reduce these issues.  Staying consistent with practicing our Yoga videos will help prevent overuse injuries which are exacerbated by limited flexibility and strength. For special conditions, please go to our Yoga for Health Library.
  • Easy on the Body:
    Our Yoga videos are very low impact and focuses on breathing and relaxation methods. This is perfect for all sizes and all age groups. Practicing Yoga’s balancing poses can help you prevent unnecessary accidents, which result from falls caused by lack of balance and strength.
  • Reduces Stress:
    All the Yoga and Pilates videos are effective in relieving stress, calming nerves and promoting a healthy heart by lowering the blood pressure.
  • Modifications:
    “Go at your own pace”: – Our Yoga and Pilates videos encourage the student to listen to their bodies and to modify each pose or exercise to their specific needs.  If you are healing any area of the body, then please check out the “Yoga for Health” videos.