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Yoga Class with Strap


Media: Download for Desktop
Level: Beginner
Duration: 25 min
You Need: Yoga Mat & Strap (or Theraband)

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In this video called, “Yoga Class with a Strap” discover and learn how to use a strap to get maximum flexibility and strength in this easy Yoga routine.  You will see how the strap makes difficult Yoga poses more accessible and how it can deepen the stretch for the legs, hips and arms. This is a perfect class for those who have tight or difficult areas in the body.  Use this video to ease into Yoga poses that may have been avoided in the past or simply dropped from your practice.  This video is a perfect companion with our other video, called  “Yoga for Flexibility”. Using the strap is a smart way to heal or advance your practice!  Filmed on location at St. Martin Island.


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