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Yoga for Strong Obliques


Media: Streaming for Desktop, Iphone, or Ipad
Level: Intermediate
Duration: 30 min
You Need: Yoga Mat

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Most ab workouts target your upper abdominals only. Sit ups and crunches only work on that upper part of your abs without even touching the lower portion, where most of us have muffin tops and really need the work. So get smart about the type of yoga poses you do by practicing this yoga video, “Yoga for Strong Obliques” video that is a creative sequence with a focus on the side abdominals, or obliques. Stretching and strengthening your obliques through this amazing sequence can help to stabilize your spine and strengthen your core. The gentle stretches and poses can improve your overall fitness by increasing strength and flexibility and improve your mood. The controlled breathing, poses and meditative quality of yoga helps to reduce stress and promotes relaxation.

Location: Barcelona


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