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  • To help you get find the perfect video, I’ve created six different video libraries to choose from:
    • If you are a brand new student to yoga then check out our “Yoga 4 Beginners”.
    • If you have some Yoga experience and are looking to build strength and gain flexibility browse our Yoga 4 Stretch & Strength videos.
    • If you are healing some areas of the body or if you have health concerns – please go to our “Yoga 4 Health” library
    • If your main focus is losing weight, check out “Yoga 4 Weight Loss” library to get you physically and mentally focus on dropping those pounds.
    • When your ready to move forward, and If you really want that strong workout video then don’t miss our Pilates or Advance Yoga library sections.

Yoga 4 Stretch& StrengthBuild a strong and healthy body with our wide variety of “Yoga 4 Stretch & Strength” videos. This library of videos are a basic and well rounded Yoga classes designed for adults.  Each video has a specific format to create a balance between strength and flexibility.  Each video also incorporates a traditional Yoga sequence with the added benefits of reducing stress and tension.  There is a small relaxation section in the beginning and end of each video to calm both the body and the mind – a key in retaining health and longevity.

Yoga 4 BeginnersOur Beginning Yoga videos will focus on gaining strength, flexibility and balance which are often used together to create balance in the body. Our beginning Yoga videos will relax both your muscles and mind. The breathing section of the yoga video will increase the ability to oxygenate the body, leading to an overall feeling of energy and well-being.  Our videos can be practiced anytime, anywhere, by anyone of any age. The youngest, healthiest and active baby boomers, who are not yet be worried about the effects of aging or overuse will find these videos to be focus on fitness, fun, stress relief and improved athletic performance.

Yoga 4 Weight Loss This video library – Yoga 4 Weight loss is design to strengthen, trim and tone from the inside out.  Grow strong and true to where you are in your body each day and set your intention to be the best. Start your weight loss journey with us by selecting our “Beginning Yoga 4 Weight Loss – Level 1” video.  After you have master the “Beginning Yoga 4 Weight Loss – Level 1” then progress to “Yoga 4 Weight Loss- Level 2” or “Yoga for Weight Loss – Level 3”.

Yoga 4 HealthOur Yoga 4 Health video library has many types of therapeutic yoga sequences to heal various ailments and restore the body. You will find a wide variety of wellness related videos in this section from “Prenatal” to “Yoga 4 Sleep”. The breathing practices of yoga increase the ability to oxygenate the body, leading to an overall boost of energy and well-being.  Many health issues can be diminish by a consistent practice of Yoga postures.

Pilates – The intention for our Pilates videos is to help you tone the body and develop a strong core. Pilates can help you to counteract the physical maladies associated with injury. By strengthening underdeveloped muscles and learning to relax overused muscles you create a balance in the body.  Pilates can help create decompression at the joint, allowing for more healthy movement, increased range of motion and improved strength and flexibility.

Yoga 4 Advance –   This type of Yoga practice is for the more serious student who has a desire to move into a deeper level of stretching and strength.  Vinyasa-style yoga combines a series of flowing postures with rhythmic breathing for an intense body-mind workout.  Vinyasa flow is a rigorous workout that develops strength and flexibility while keeping you on the move.