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Most people think of losing weight begin my starting a diet.  Most of the fad diets that people follow don’t work.  Diets in our society are usually defined as “food-deprivation regimens that promote temporary thinness”.

We need to change our relationship with food.  If you are starving yourself, then in a sense you are depriving yourself of having a healthy relationship with food.  Food restriction and food substitution diets don’t work over the long run because they are not intended for long-term weight loss.

We all know the formula for losing weight: Burn more calories than you consume.  If we all know this formula – why are so many Americans overweight? Weight gain is from how much and what we eat, but more often it has more to do with why we eat.

1. If you are eating to compensate for sadness or emptiness – dieting won’t help
2. If you are eating to calm your nerves – cutting calories won’t help you release stress
3. If you crave the wrong foods because of chemical imbalances an appetite suppressant won’t recalibrate your system
4. If your job is too demanding – you won’t have time to maintain a more balanced lifestyle.

Our eating habits are emotionally driven.  Yoga teaches us to turn our focus inward, and yoga works on an emotional level to put you in touch with your feelings.   By increasing your awareness to your body, Yoga can help you recognize how and why you are not taking care of yourself.   By tracking how your body and feelings relate to food, you can figure out the keys to maintaining equilibrium – both emotional and biological.

Yoga is different than any other exercise.  Most exercise programs do not come from a holistic approach.  Most exercise programs do not encompass the whole body, and people fall into an exercise rut.  They don’t make the mind/body connection which is so important to mental and physical health.   When our mind is focused on burning the maximum amount of calories, we end up with poor alignment, muscular imbalances and repetitive stress injury.  The gym environment is often critical and competitive.

Yoga brings the mind into a relationship with the body that encourages and supports wellness and good health.  The real challenge with our Yoga practice is to find our inner strength on the mat and maintain it through all life’s distractions, consumption and the all the external stimulations.  So forget the short term dieting and live a healthy diet that lasts a lifetime.  Start your Yoga practice and discover the long term weight loss that comes with balancing the mind body and spirit.

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