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Yoga 4 Stretching Shoulders and Chest


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“Yoga 4 Stretching Shoulder and Chest”  video can help your shoulders, spine, and chest open up, which will improve posture and bring your whole body back into balance. This shoulder-opening yoga video is suitable for beginners. Stretching your shoulders after moving or sitting in a forward-hunching position simply feels good, but it has other benefits, too! As you add more flexibility to your shoulders, you lower your risk of injury and can improve your performance in sports. It can also help with daily activities that include lifting, turning, and pushing, such as carrying the groceries, walking a dog, or pushing a baby stroller. When life gets stressful, many people hold tension in their shoulders. This can lead to fatigue, muscle knots, and pain. Keeping your shoulders relaxed and mobile will help to release this tension, which can increase your energy and even boost your mood! Improving the flexibility in your shoulders can help make your everyday life stress-free.


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