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The Rightness of Wrong

By Emily Hawkins Humility. It seemed like the theme of my life. Parenting efforts resulting in little progress. Painfully embarrassing experiences as I fumbled my way through something new, in front of people I respect and admire. Why is it that I seemed to be failing...

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Yoga as Rehab for Striving

“I think your favorite type of read could be considered a self-help book.”

My husband was right — and I didn’t like it. He was gently pointing to something deeply ingrained in me. This drive I have to always be doing more, doing better, and just generally improving. But do I really want my favorite books to be the ones in which “experts” to tell me ways I can become a “new me” or a “better version of myself?” Ones where someone else profits off of my urge for self-improvement? When I think about it that way, not really.

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To Be a Tree

By Emily Hawkins I watch people fall and try not to fall myself, as I stand in yoga class, balancing in tree pose. In this particular pose, I breathe and and stand on one leg. I see the arms of my classmates. Some reach skyward, and some spill from their posture....

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Yoga for All Bodies

Yoga for All Bodies Written by: Emily Hawkins What comes to mind when you think about yoga? I used to imagine a woman in expensive attire, performing an inversion on a beach. But is this what yoga really looks like? Despite how it's often portrayed in today's culture,...

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Vinyasa Flow Workshop – Part II

With: Tina Ventrella Date: August 26th (Saturday) Time: 11am to 2:30pm Cost: $30 pre-register - $35 at the door Part II is here! I can feel your excitement! Are you ready to take your Vinyasa practice to the next level? If so, Part II is for you! Together we will...

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